10 Years After Pelon’s Tragic Death: Demanding Police Accountability

It has been a decade since Jorge Ramirez Jr., affectionately known as ‘Pelon,’ tragically lost his life in an encounter with the Bakersfield Police Department. In 2013, Ramirez was fatally shot outside the Four Points Sheraton hotel parking lot.

The official account provided by the Bakersfield Police Department indicated that Ramirez had been operating as an unofficial informant, collaborating with law enforcement in an off-the-record capacity. His involvement in such a role remains a contentious issue.

Ramirez’s case, along with several others, garnered national attention through the Hulu documentary series ‘Killing County.’ This series shed light on a string of alleged homicides involving law enforcement in Kern County, sparking conversations and calls for transparency and accountability.

As the 10th anniversary of Ramirez’s passing was observed, many of his family members expressed the importance of their ongoing pursuit of justice. They are determined to ensure that Pelon’s memory endures and that his story continues to serve as a catalyst for change and reform within the criminal justice system.

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