14-Year-Old Rescued as Police Pursue Murder Suspects in Bay Area

Law enforcement officers in the Bay Area pursued murder suspects on Interstate-880 early Monday morning. The chase came to a fiery end when the suspects’ car crashed into a tree and caught fire.

The incident took place around 2 a.m. on Davis Street in San Leandro. Before the car was fully engulfed in flames, deputies managed to rescue a 14-year-old girl from the backseat. Unfortunately, both the driver and front seat passenger, identified as men, were unconscious and died inside the vehicle.

The chase began after Alameda County Sheriff’s deputies received an alert from the Manteca Police Department to be on the lookout for a stolen gray Toyota Camry carrying multiple murder suspects. The Camry had been reported stolen in Oakland and was later used as a getaway vehicle in a murder in Manteca.

The murder in Manteca occurred just after 10 p.m. the previous night. A woman with a gunshot wound entered a Planet Fitness gym on West Yosemite Avenue and succumbed to her injuries. The shooting was believed to have taken place in front of a nearby business.

The suspects fled the scene in the stolen Toyota Camry, and early the next morning, the vehicle was spotted traveling northbound on I-880 in Alameda County, approximately 58 miles from Manteca. Deputies initiated a high-speed pursuit of the car.

The chase began near A Street at Hathaway Avenue in Hayward when deputies located the Camry. Despite attempting a high-risk traffic stop and activating lights and sirens, the driver ignored the patrol vehicles and continued to evade capture.

The pursuit continued through the city of San Leandro, where the driver lost control of the vehicle on Davis Street. The car collided with a tree after attempting to drive around a tire deflation device deployed by the San Leandro Police Department.

As a result of the impact, the two men in the front seat were rendered unconscious. Meanwhile, a 14-year-old girl remained trapped in the backseat. Deputies managed to rescue the girl just moments before the car became fully engulfed in flames with the two men still inside.

Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts to awaken the suspects, deputies were unable to extract them from the burning vehicle.

The men were pronounced deceased at the scene. After extinguishing the fire, investigators discovered a firearm inside the Toyota Camry. The girl was taken to a local hospital for medical attention.

The stolen Toyota Camry had been carjacked from a victim in Oakland the day before the pursuit. The identities of the murder victim in Manteca and the two deceased men in the San Leandro pursuit have not been released. Authorities are still working to identify the two men involved in the incident.

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