18-year-old Involved in Fatal Accident Was Arrested Multiple Times Before!

BAKERSFIELD, California — New documents show that the 18-year-old arrested as part of an investigation into a crash that killed someone has been arrested many times before.

In December 2022, Karim Reyad was caught twice for three small crimes. In his first arrest on December 8, Reyad was charged with mischief.

He had caused at least $400 worth of damage. The second arrest was for taking a car without the owner’s permission and having a stolen car. Ten days later, that person was caught.

Reyad was caught earlier in the same week that Gayla Sue Price died in a car accident. Price’s family lawyer, Matt Clark, wants to know how Reyad kept or got back his car after his first arrest in April.

“That car would have been taken away if he had been arrested for DUI just three days before this,” Clark said. “So, who got it out of the impound lot and gave it to him so he could use it to kill Gayla Price just three days later?”

The next two court times for Reyad have been set. On Friday, June 2, there will be a pre-preliminary meeting. Monday, June 5, is the date of the first meeting.

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