5 Most Spine-Chilling Abandoned Places in the Heart of New Orleans: A Journey Through the Unknown!

The sultry, jazz-infused streets of New Orleans conceal secrets beyond the lively scenes of Mardi Gras and Creole culture. Deep within its core, you’ll find abandoned places that echo tales of mystery, horror, and the uncharted. This article invites you to journey through the Top 5 Abandoned Places in New Orleans that will send shivers down your spine.

1. Six Flags New Orleans

Shut down after Hurricane Katrina, Six Flags New Orleans now stands as a eerie testament to the power of nature. Rusting roller coasters, eerily quiet merry-go-rounds, and silent walkways make it a must-visit for urban explorers. Its deteriorating façade presents a chilling contrast to the once joyful sounds of children.

2. Charity Hospital

Once among the largest hospitals in the United States, Charity Hospital was deserted after Hurricane Katrina. Inside, medical equipment, patient files, and long-abandoned beds collect dust, while shadows of its past linger. The echoing hallways and ghostly surgical suites inspire tales of hauntings and apparitions.

3. LeBeau Plantation

With a history marked by slavery and a devastating fire, this historic plantation house now lies in ruins. The remnants of LeBeau Plantation whisper tales of past atrocities and strange occurrences. Explorers report inexplicable sounds and an overwhelming sense of dread in the still of the night.

4. Metairie Cemetery’s Abandoned Tomb

Nestled within Metairie Cemetery, there exists a mysterious abandoned tomb, locally known as the “Cursed Tomb.” The unidentified mausoleum is marked by an eerie and unsettling energy, drawing those daring enough to uncover its secrets. Legends claim it’s cursed by the spirits who rest there, often witnessed gliding around the tomb.

5. Fort Macomb

A hidden gem of military history, Fort Macomb’s deserted halls and chambers serve as a testament to wars long forgotten. Its decaying walls, reclaimed by nature, conceal stories of battles and the lives of soldiers. The isolation and historical significance of the fort create an atmosphere ripe for spectral encounters and unexplained phenomena.


New Orleans, with its rich history and vibrant culture, also harbors haunting reminders of its past. These abandoned sites offer more than just eerie exploration; they embody the city’s multifaceted narrative. From cursed tombs to ghostly hospitals, these locations challenge the brave to venture into the unknown and reveal stories that send chills down the spine.


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