Shocking: 72-year-old Church Usher Attacked Sunday Morning

Nashville, Tenn. — Metro Nashville Police say that a 72-year-old servant at Cornerstone Church on Old Hickory Boulevard was attacked on Sunday morning.

Around 6:45 a.m., the servant was in the church parking lot and walking toward the church. The usher told MNPD that a stranger came up to him, didn’t say anything, and then started hitting him in the head with a gun.

When the man fought back against the stranger, the gun was dropped. The usher picked up the gun from the ground and threw it into his car so that the stranger wouldn’t get it.

The stranger then went over to a member of the church who was talking to 911 on the phone. The stranger told the 50-year-old that he wanted to use his phone, but the 50-year-old refused to give the stranger his phone.

The stranger then took the man’s phone and tried to get away. The person who had the phone and another church member acted quickly to stop the stranger from running away. They held the stranger down with their hands and held him on the grass until the cops came.

Officers who caught the stranger have found out that he is 23-year-old Deangelo Lavender, who is on probation for an aggravated assault sentence he got in 2020. He is being held without bond because he broke his probation and hit the usher in the head.

He is also being charged with aggravated assault and illegal gun ownership by a convicted felon. The car that cops say Lavender drove to church was stolen from Lickton Pike early on Sunday morning. Lavender has also been accused of stealing a car, causing damage, and having pot on him.

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