75-Year-Old Man Arrested After Shooting Dog and Threatening Deputy in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Earlier this week, a warrant filed by sheriff’s investigators revealed that a 75-year-old man reportedly shot his dog and threatened a sheriff’s deputy with a gun before barricading himself inside his residence in Bakersfield. 

The incident unfolded on Belle Terrace, just east of Wible Road, and after a 30-minute standoff, deputies successfully apprehended George Fischer. 

The warrant disclosed that several firearms and materials utilized for creating pipe bombs were discovered inside the house.

Fischer now faces four felony charges, which include assault with a gun on a peace officer, brandishing a gun in the presence of a peace officer, resisting arrest, and animal cruelty.

According to the warrant, the dog, a pointer mix, was shot in the shoulder while inside the residence but managed to survive. A relative of Fischer is currently taking care of the wounded animal.

The incident began when neighbors reported Fischer running outside and shouting for assistance before quickly returning indoors.

Deputies were called to the scene at 2:34 p.m. and upon hearing Fischer’s shouts, they forcibly entered the residence to ensure his well-being, as stated in the warrant.

In the living room, Fischer aimed his gun at one of the deputies, who then retreated. Additional deputies arrived and devised a plan to apprehend Fischer.

As detailed in the document, a physical altercation ensued, ultimately leading to Fischer being restrained with handcuffs.

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