Bakersfield Police Capture Suspects Involved in Fatal Shooting: Four Arrested!

The Bakersfield Police Department has reported the apprehension of four men who are believed to have shot and killed a woman in Southwest Bakersfield. The incident occurred on Monday, June 20, after the woman confronted them about stealing her vehicle.

After conducting a thorough investigation into the homicide, the BPD determined that the men had indeed stolen the woman’s vehicle.

Instead of contacting the authorities, she decided to track her vehicle using an Apple AirTag. She discovered the vehicle in the vicinity of Ginger Drive, near the 5600 block.

Upon confronting the suspected thieves, she was shot at approximately 6:32 a.m. on Sunday, March 19. The woman was immediately taken to a nearby hospital but sadly succumbed to her injuries on Saturday, April 1.

The arrests of David Thompson (19), Adam Ransom (18), Joseph Bush (23), and Giovanni Garcia (19) were made based on arrest warrants related to the shooting incident.

According to the BPD, Thompson was apprehended in Bellflower, Ransom in Lynwood, Bush in Anaheim, and Garcia in Long Beach. The BPD clarifies that none of the suspects have any known residential connections to the City of Bakersfield.

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