Bakersfield Police Use Phone Data to Uncover Clues in 20-Year-Old’s Drug-Related Demise

Bakersfield police investigators are attempting to determine the source of drugs that may have contributed to the death of a 20-year-old woman. They are doing this by examining data from her mobile phone.

In May, officers responded to an address on Kensington Avenue and discovered the body of Ruby Garcia along with items associated with drug use.

These details are mentioned in a search warrant that was submitted to the Kern County Superior Court.

According to Garcia’s family, she was in a healthy condition before her passing. Medical professionals did not identify any signs of a struggle, altercation, or foul play.

This suggests that her demise might be linked to a drug overdose, as outlined in the court document.

Data from Garcia’s gold iPhone was extracted, allowing investigators to explore whether she had communicated with anyone via calls or texts who might have supplied her with drugs. This information is detailed in the search warrant.

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