Breaking: Suspect Caught After Killing and 3 Dead and 3 Injured in a Spree in Northern California!

A suspect has been caught after a crime spree in northern California that killed three people and hurt at least three others, two of whom have life-threatening injuries.

Thursday’s deadly attack started in San Jose in the afternoon and continued into Milpitas. The suspect is charged with stabbing bystanders and hitting other people with a stolen car.

About 3 p.m. Pacific time, San Jose police said two different stabbings happened within minutes of each other. At the first location, police found a victim with life-threatening injuries.

They were then called to a second location, where they found a second victim who had been stabbed, had their car stolen, and was also in critical condition.

Police say they hit a pedestrian as the suspect drove away in the car. Police say that the injuries to that person were not life-threatening.

Shortly after that, the suspect was still driving the stolen car when he hit and killed two adult pedestrians, according to local news source ABC7.

At about 4:30 p.m., there was a fatal stabbing in Milpitas. The city’s police said that they had found a suspect “hiding in a residential neighborhood near where the stabbing happened.”

The two police departments quickly talked to each other and let the public know that they think the two cases may be linked.

The investigations are just starting. Milpitas police told the neighborhood that there is no longer any danger.

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