California Woman Wins $2 Million Just Moments After $100,000 Victory!

A scratch-off lottery ticket won a California woman $2 million, 10 years after she won $100,000 from another game.

Ruby Evans told officials from the California Lottery that she bought her Instant win Crossword Scratchers ticket at Sweet Time Donuts in Compton. A few minutes later, she went back to the store to claim what she thought was a $2,000 win.

When the shop owner scanned Evans’s ticket, she was shocked to find out that she had won $2 million.

“Tell you what, this is a very good thing. It gave me a chance to pay off my bills, my mortgage, and help my children,” Evans told lottery officials. “I’m having fun.”

Evans won $100,000 from a scratch-off ticket in 2013 that was not the same one. She said that the Crossword game has been good to her lately, even winning her a $5,000 prize.

She said that other people in the shop have started to notice that she always has good luck.

“People say, ‘Ruby, haven’t you won enough? Save a few wins for us all,'” Evans was amused.

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