Deadly Shark Attack Kills One in Australia

A surfer is feared to have lost his life when witnesses observed him being attacked by a massive 13.75-foot shark at a remote beach location.

The 55-year-old man suffered an attack by a Great White shark near Granite Rock, located south of Streaky Bay in South Australia, around 10:20 p.m. on Tuesday.

Emergency services launched an extensive search for the man’s body, which remains undiscovered.

Surfer Jeff Schmucker, who was present at the scene, rushed out on a jetski in an attempt to locate the man. However, he was circled by what he believed to be a 13.75-foot Great White shark.

“It attacked him from the side. He submerged once, resurfaced briefly, and then went under again. That’s the last anyone saw of him,” he informed 7News.

Schmucker also reported finding the 55-year-old’s surfboard with a substantial bite mark and captured footage of a 13.75-foot shark, which he believes was the one responsible for the attack.

According to another witness, the man struggled but stood no chance against the enormous shark.

In response to the attack reports, Eyre and Western Police swiftly mobilized a search effort with the assistance of Police Water Operations, PolAir, the State Emergency Service, and local volunteers.

Granite Rock is a renowned Great White breeding area, and the attack occurred in front of several beachgoers.

One witness, as reported by the Adelaide Advertiser, described the scene as “chaotic.”

“It occurred near the surf break,” she stated.

This incident follows closely on the heels of the shark bite suffered by Pamela Cook just a few weeks ago at Beachport in the southeastern part of the state. Cook sustained severe injuries to her leg during the early morning attack, which occurred just before 8 a.m. while she was swimming with the local community group Beachport Sea Urchins and Slugs near the town’s jetty.

Furthermore, this tragedy is reminiscent of the death of teacher Simon Baccanello in May. He was believed to have been killed by a shark while surfing at Walkers Rock near Ellison on South Australia’s west coast. A witness claimed to have seen a shark dragging Mr. Baccanello beneath the water.


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