Double Homicide Shakes Houston’s Faulkner Street Community

On Monday, Faulkner Street, a one-mile stretch located on the south side of Houston, saw yet another tragic incident as two men were fatally shot, according to the Houston Police Department. The shooting occurred around 5:23 p.m. within the 3800 block of Faulkner, just off Scott Street.

As per HPD’s communication on X (formerly Twitter), one individual was declared dead at the scene, while another succumbed to injuries at the hospital.

HPD Lieutenant Larry Crowson reported that a group of men had gathered between apartment buildings, and a dispute erupted, eventually escalating to the point where someone produced a firearm and began firing shots, causing chaos and prompting people to flee. The police have not yet identified a suspect or made any arrests.

A review of previous ABC13 reports exposed a troubling pattern of criminal incidents on Faulkner Street, including at least five homicides in the past few years. One tragic event occurred in August 2022 when a 25-year-old woman allegedly opened fire on a mother who was attempting to shield her baby.

Prior to this recent incident, the ABC13 Neighborhood Safety Tracker had recorded 13 homicides in the area where the double murder on Faulkner Street occurred within the past 12 months. Here are the homicide statistics for each year dating back to 2019 in the Sunnyside-Brook Haven-Bayou Estates area:

  • 2022: 15 homicides
  • 2021: 18 homicides
  • 2020: 21 homicides
  • 2019: 15 homicides

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