February 2024 Special Election Announced to Replace Santos

NEW YORKGovernor Kathy Hochul has set the date for the special election to fill the vacancy left by George Santos.

The election is scheduled for February 13, 2024.

Voters in Long Island and Queens will have the opportunity to elect a new representative for District 3.

Governor Hochul stated in a press release:

“As Governor, I bear the solemn responsibility of convening a special election to guarantee that the voters of Long Island and Queens regain their representation in Congress. Members of Congress play a crucial role in delivering essential services to constituents, acting as a connection to federal agencies, and advocating for the concerns of those who elected them to Washington. I anticipate collaborating with the upcoming representative for the 3rd Congressional District to address the challenges confronting New Yorkers.”

How does the special election operate?

There won’t be a primary; instead, Democrats and Republicans will each select a candidate to compete directly.

While the candidates haven’t been officially announced, potential contenders reportedly include Republican Jack Martins, a former state senator, and Democrat Tom Suozzi, who previously represented the 3rd congressional district before its redrawing.

Local Republican and Democratic leaders are expected to reveal their chosen candidates this week.

Why was Santos ousted from Congress?

Santos’ expulsion occurred within a month of the House Ethics Committee publishing a report that uncovered “substantial evidence” of Santos violating federal law and participating in a “complex web” of illegal financial activities.

According to the report, Santos allegedly utilized campaign funds for expenses such as Botox, stays at Atlantic City resorts, purchases from OnlyFans and Hermès, and more.

Following the report, the House Ethics Committee’s Republican chairman introduced a resolution for Santos’ expulsion.

On Friday, the House voted 311 to 114 in favor of expelling Santos.

This marked the third expulsion vote for Santos; the first occurred after his indictment by the Justice Department in May, and the second followed a superseding indictment in October.


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