First-Ever Tropical Storm Alert in Southern California: Hurricane Hilary Update!

A significant tropical storm alert has been issued for Southern California by The National Weather Service, marking the first-ever such warning for the state.

Hurricane Hilary, projected to impact the southernmost region of the Golden State up to the northern areas of Los Angeles, has been categorized as a Level 2 storm. It was previously classified as a Level 3 storm.

Prominent airlines, including American, Jetblue, Southwest, and United, have posted official notifications on their websites indicating that operations at nine airports in California could face disruptions, particularly at Los Angeles and San Diego. There is also potential for flight interruptions in Las Vegas due to the anticipated weather conditions.

As of now, a total of 198 flights scheduled to land at San Diego International Airport on Sunday have been canceled, along with 52 flights planned for Monday.

Likewise, 31 incoming flights to Los Angeles International Airport have been canceled on Sunday, with five more scheduled for Monday meeting the same fate. At Orange County’s John Wayne Airport, 69 Sunday flights and 23 Monday flights have been scrapped. Hollywood Burbank Airport is also impacted, with 82 Sunday flights and 32 Monday flights being canceled.

To address the inconveniences brought about by Hurricane Hilary, airlines are waiving additional fees for flight changes if the tickets were purchased directly through the airlines, rather than via third-party services.

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