Florida Man Faces Charges After Abruptly Quitting Job While Transporting Prison Inmates, Authorities Report

An Orlando man, Joshua James Pinquet, was arrested in North Carolina after diverting a van full of prison inmates off-course and refusing to stop, according to deputies.

Around 9 a.m. on Tuesday, deputies received a call to watch out for an inmate transport van on I-40 in Statesville, North Carolina. The caller, the owner of the transport company, reported that the driver, Pinquet, had gone off course and was unwilling to return the van. Pinquet, who had four inmates in the locked cargo area, was accompanied by another employee who was texting the company owner.

Pinquet informed the owner that he was quitting his job mid-trip and refused to stop at the intended destination for the prisoners. Deputies intercepted the van on I-40 and discovered that Pinquet was supposed to stop in Hickory with the inmates but had refused to do so.

Pinquet now faces charges of five counts of felony second-degree kidnapping and felony larceny by an employee.


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