Fort Worth Health Inspections: 5 Restaurants Closed for Serious Violations

In the latest Fort Worth health inspections, five restaurants were closed due to serious health violations, and roaches were observed on the premises, as reported by city data.

During the period from July 16 to July 29, a total of 99 inspections were conducted in Fort Worth. The inspections are based on a demerit system, where restaurants receiving more than 30 demerits are required to address the most critical issues immediately and rectify the remaining concerns within 48 hours.

Among the restaurants that were closed:

  1. Church’s Chicken at 3344 Lackland Road was shut down due to unsanitary conditions and the presence of live roaches.
  2. Asian Star Buffet at 6920 Ridgmar Meadow Road received 35 demerits and was closed because of an improperly working walk-in cooler.
  3. El Amigo Taqueria at 5251 North Beach Street received 26 demerits and was closed due to a lack of hot water.
  4. Boopa’s Bagel Deli at 6513 North Beach Street also received 26 demerits and was closed because of the absence of a three-compartment sink, along with missing ceiling and floor tiles.
  5. Los Aibertos at 6721 Bridge Street received 18 demerits and was closed due to an improperly working walk-in cooler and insufficiently heated water.

Asian Star Buffet and Big Apple Cafe at 14200 Trinity Boulevard were the only two restaurants that received more than 30 demerits, with Big Apple Cafe now facing potential legal action due to repeat violations.

Furthermore, only Asian Star Buffet and No Frills Grill & Sports Bar at 12846 South Freeway were re-inspected among the restaurants.

Roaches were also spotted at The Flying Fish at 2913 Montgomery Street, Carniceria La Superior at 700 North Sylvania Avenue, Pan Asia Cuisine at 5913 Donnelly Avenue, and Little Caesars Pizza at 3969 Maurice Avenue.

For the period of July 9th to July 15th, 2023, here are the inspection scores and violations for restaurants within Fort Worth city limits.

The scores are determined by the demerit system, and when the total exceeds 30, restaurants must immediately address critical violations and have 48 hours to resolve other identified issues.

To search for specific restaurant inspections, you can use keywords or restaurant names and sort the results by score.

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