Fugitive Johnny Bledsoe Finally Captured After 10 Years on the Lam

A man who had eluded authorities for a decade has been apprehended in San Francisco.

Johnny Bledsoe, aged 48, had been on the run since 2013 when he was arrested by Pittsburgh Police following accusations from a woman who claimed he stole her iPhone and spat on her. He faced charges of robbery, criminal mischief, and harassment, with all three charges advancing to court proceedings.

Initially, Bledsoe was released on a non-monetary bond, but he failed to appear for his scheduled arraignment. Consequently, he evaded authorities for years until recent developments led to his arrest.

Earlier this month, detectives from the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office received information indicating that Bledsoe was located in San Francisco. They promptly relayed this crucial information to the US Marshals Southwest Pacific Task Force, which subsequently carried out the arrest. Fortunately, the arrest was executed without any incident.

Johnny Bledsoe now finds himself in the custody of the San Francisco County Jail, awaiting the legal proceedings for extradition back to Allegheny County.

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