Gaza’s Desperate Plea: Egypt’s Silent Stance Amid Israeli Strikes Sparks Concern

As Israeli military aircraft strike Gaza, targeting constructions in response to the recent Hamas attack at a music festival last weekend, Egypt is concerned that Israeli bombardments will lead to displacement.

Egypt has closed the Rafah Border Crossing, which is the main exit point for Gazans to the outside world after the Israeli assault.

Fatalities Surpass 1,500!

Following the Hamas attack, Israel’s leadership has repeatedly urged civilians to leave the region before the Israeli government fully deploys its military power in the area. The death toll from Israeli airstrikes is rising, and the only practical exit is through the closed Rafah Border Crossing into Egypt.

President el-Sisi Encourages Gazans to Stay in Their Land

Israel continues its brutal siege, intensifying into a humanitarian crisis. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has responded to calls by urging the people of Gaza to “stay steadfast” and remain on their land. This is in response not only to Gazans but also to American officials who sought a safe route for civilians fleeing Gaza.

Can the UN Evacuate 1,100,000 Residents?

Israel has reduced the electric supply and blocked food, fuel, and water from entering Gaza, declaring a “complete siege.” Gaza has been under strict Israeli restrictions, supported by Egypt, for the last sixteen years, and over 263,900 people have been displaced in Gaza since the 2023 war began.

Israel has demanded that the UN evacuate 1.1 million residents from north Gaza within 24 hours, and 27 Americans have died as a result of the war. President Biden has called on Benjamin Netanyahu to ensure that Israel follows the rules of war in its Gaza operations, given the anger and frustration surrounding the situation.


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