Illegal Fireworks Cause Chaos for Bakersfield Fire Department on Fourth of July

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — While community members were busy enjoying barbecues and fireworks on Independence Day, the Bakersfield Fire Department remained occupied throughout the night responding to emergencies caused by illegal fireworks.

According to Bakersfield Fire Department Capt. Kris Reynolds, the Fourth of July tends to be quite chaotic.

Reynolds, stationed at the city’s Station 2 on East 21st Street, stated that they encountered multiple fires in reinforced structures, often resulting from the use of illegal fireworks.

The night sky was illuminated by illegal fireworks, leading to a barrage of fire-related calls received by dispatch centers early in the evening.

While such incidents are not uncommon, they occur with increased frequency during this time of year.

Kingsley, another firefighter, remarked that the past week had already seen a surge in fireworks activity.

They anticipated an even higher volume on July 4th compared to the previous nights.

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