Illinois Department of Human Services Cautions Against Link Card Phishing

Springfield, IllinoisThe Illinois Department of Human Services is issuing a warning to residents regarding phishing scams aimed at Link cards.

A spokesperson from IDHS has confirmed to WCIA that the department is aware of three phishing attempts. The spokesperson mentioned that scammers have been targeting both SNAP and non-SNAP recipients throughout the state.

Officials emphasize that the department will never call or text individuals to request their information, such as their PIN, LINK card number, or other personal details. Access to a Link account is only possible by calling 1-800-678-5465, using the EBTedge website, or utilizing the EBTedge app.

Champaign Police are also cautioning the community about an impersonation scam.
IDHS officials recommend that Link card holders change their PIN monthly or freeze their card using the ebtEDGE website to safeguard their benefits.


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