L.A. City Attorney Takes Action Against Illicit Cannabis Operation in South LA

City authorities in South Los Angeles have taken action to close down an illicit cannabis operation. The store had been in operation since 2018, located on the 2100 block of West Florence Avenue, according to L.A. City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto.

The owners of the establishment stand accused of unlawfully vending cannabis and related products from their storefront, which was situated within 700 feet of two elementary schools and a library, as per law enforcement officials.

The individuals involved, along with the purported shell companies utilized in this enterprise, were identified as follows:

  • Jin Kang and his firm, JYP Investments, LLC, with Kang being the current property owner.
  • Tony Huang, along with his associated companies, namely 2138 W Florence Investment LLC, Group 25 Holdings LLC, and TNS Management Group, LLC.
  • Philip Oh, who had connections to LA Florence Investment LLC and Global Solutions I LLC.

Over the past few years, local law enforcement received persistent complaints regarding the illegal store, which encompassed multiple car accidents, high pedestrian traffic, and allegations of selling cannabis to minors.

LAPD officers executed nine search warrants, which led to the discovery of substantial amounts of cannabis, cash, firearms, and at least four undercover purchase operations.

Despite these search warrants, the owners continued their operations. The city attorney claims that the operators resorted to using shell companies and LLCs to conceal their involvement and evade responsibility for their illegal activities.

In addition to closing down the storefront, the suspects were ordered to pay $450,000 in civil penalties. Any violations of the order to cease the sale of illegal cannabis will result in minimum civil penalties of $1 million, according to officials.

L.A. City Attorney Feldstein Soto emphasized the importance of regulating cannabis sales in California to ensure safety and legality, preventing the sale of cannabis to minors, and maintaining industry standards to prevent nuisances and an over-concentration of cannabis establishments in the area. She expressed pride in her office’s role in putting a stop to this illegal operation and creating a level playing field for legitimate business owners who adhere to the rules.

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