L.A. Police Chief Warns Gun and Narcotic Traffickers: ‘Your Time is Running Out

California Attorney General Rob Bonta commended local law enforcement agencies on Monday for their successful efforts in a three-month investigation targeting alleged Mexican Mafia and cartel-affiliated street gangs in the Harbor area. “Operation Safe Harbor” led to the apprehension of 27 suspects and the confiscation of 30 weapons, including ghost guns.

During the operation, authorities also seized a variety of illegal drugs, such as fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and PCP. Bonta emphasized the positive impact of this law enforcement operation on Los Angeles families, assuring them of increased safety and peace of mind.

The investigation, initiated in June, culminated in a large-scale operation conducted last Thursday, where seven search warrants were executed. This operation resulted in ten felony arrests, the recovery of 14 firearms (including two ghost guns and a short-barreled rifle), and the seizure of approximately $4,000 in cash. Additionally, two stolen vehicles were located and recovered.

The investigation also unveiled other aspects of the criminal enterprise, leading to more arrests and ongoing investigations in various California communities, including Tulare and Kern Counties, as reported by Bonta’s office.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore warned those involved in gun and narcotic trafficking that their actions would not go unpunished. He emphasized that their time was running out.

The suspects apprehended during “Operation Safe Harbor” now face potential felony charges, including transportation of controlled substances, possession of controlled substances for sale, conspiracy to commit crimes, and being felons in possession of firearms. These charges will be reviewed by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office.

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