LAPD and CHP Team Up to Apprehend Burglary Suspects in Mercedes Sedan

Three individuals suspected of burglary were pursued by police in a Mercedes sedan, engaging in a high-speed pursuit on Tuesday from the San Fernando Valley to the Inland Empire. The police successfully halted the suspects by executing a skillful PIT maneuver.

The pursuit was initiated shortly before 6 p.m. in the northeastern part of the San Fernando Valley by LAPD officers from the Mission Division who began tracking the burglary suspects in a dark-gray Mercedes sedan.

The suspects sped eastward, utilizing the 210 freeway, passing through Glendale and Pasadena, eventually entering the San Gabriel Valley and proceeding further into the Inland Empire.

The LAPD then handed over the pursuit to officers from the CHP (California Highway Patrol).

The Mercedes sedan, believed to contain three burglary suspects and equipped with tinted windows, managed to maintain speeds exceeding 50 mph at times, navigating the Southern California rush-hour traffic by using carpool lanes and deftly maneuvering through congested roads.

Ultimately, the suspects transitioned to the 215 Freeway in the Inland Empire.

Around 7 p.m., the suspects exited the 215 Freeway and began driving on local streets in the Muscoy area. A CHP vehicle managed to approach from the side and effectively executed a PIT maneuver, causing the Mercedes to rotate 180 degrees.

Additional police cruisers swiftly encircled the car, leading the driver to surrender promptly without any further altercations. The two passengers, a male and a female, also exited the vehicle and surrendered.

LAPD and CHP officers collaborated throughout the chase, spanning from the San Fernando Valley through the San Gabriel Valley and ultimately into the Inland Empire.

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