LAPD Assists in Moving Tents as City Begins Homeless Sweep near Venice Canals

In an effort to clean up homeless camp sites and get people into housing city crews will begin their sweep of tents near the Venice Canals.

Not far from the Venice Boardwalk is a long line of tents as LA County battles its homelessness crisis. Residents who live near the encampment say they have been waiting a long time for the city to take action.

People who stay in the tents were told they needed to be moved by 6 a.m. before the crews were going to begin physically moving them. The LAPD was also called for security reasons.

In a statement sent to NBC4, LA City Councilmember Traci Park shared her thoughts on the homeless sweep.

“I have been working with local residents to fulfill a longtime community wish — the beautification of the parkway along Venice Boulevard at Dell Avenue, which serves as gateway to Venice Beach for local residents and all of Los Angeles,” Park said.

District 11 run by Park said that the sweep is part of a beautification project that has been requested by the residents of the community. This is not part of the Inside Safe program launched by LA Mayor Karen Bass.

The city has sent housing advocates to help those individuals who want to utilize housing resources or get placed in a shelter.

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