Letter to the Editor: the California Trash Bill is Another Sign That the State is Falling Apart

A few months ago, I had written your paper on AB 1353. I’ll say it again: this bill is bad for customers. We all have to follow it, though, because it’s the law.

I pointed out that it is too hard to keep track of the different kinds of trash, when they should be picked up, etc. The people who buy it will lose a lot of money on it. Rates will go up quickly because of how much fuel and staff cost.

People are leaving California in big numbers because of high rent, fuel, utilities, DMV fees, housing shortages, and too much government regulation of businesses. Politicians don’t understand. In our state government, things are almost like a monarchy. They will continue to pass bad laws, and AB 1353 is just one example.

The trash companies will also have to pay.

I DO NOT want the rates to go up. Our bills are already too high. I do hope that the city council won’t let them raise prices however they want.

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