Local Businesses in Downtown Bakersfield Targeted by Vandals

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — There has been a series of vandalism and criminal activities occurring in Downtown Bakersfield. One of the most recent incidents was captured on a security camera.

Jenica Willis, the owner of Nest and Company, expressed a common misconception that assumes business owners have substantial wealth, making a significant loss particularly burdensome for them.

Nest and Company, as well as Poise Pilates & Barre, were both targeted by vandals in the early hours of Tuesday morning. First, Poise Pilates & Barre had their window smashed, and shortly after, the other business experienced the same fate.

In the security camera footage, it appears that the alleged burglar not only destroyed the window but also engaged in a shoplifting spree inside the establishment. Eventually, the burglar made their escape by crawling out through the broken window.

“It’s truly frightening,” said Callie Jenkins, the owner of Poise Pilates & Barre. “This is not only disheartening for Bakersfield, but also for the downtown businesses. We are all small, locally owned establishments.”

This is the second time both businesses have fallen victim to vandalism. The owners fear that such crimes will persist, creating an ongoing threat to their locally owned enterprises. Their primary desire is for these incidents to cease.

“Financially, this has a significant impact on us and makes running a business challenging,” explained Willis.

“What’s truly terrifying is the uncertainty of whether it’s safe to come to work each day,” added Jenkins.

Both business owners are actively seeking to join the block-to-block security program offered by the Downtown Bakersfield Association.

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