Los Angeles Police Apprehend Suspect in Northridge Fashion Center Heist

One of the individuals suspected of involvement in a dramatic smash-and-grab robbery, which was captured on video at the Northridge Fashion Center’s Macy’s department store, has been apprehended, according to Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore.

Chief Moore revealed the arrest during a Los Angeles Police Commission meeting on Tuesday, just two days following an incident where a gang of thieves, armed with hammers, raided the store and smashed several glass display cases.

A video recorded by a bystander shows the robbers fleeing from the Macy’s with bags full of stolen items. Specific details regarding the stolen items and their estimated value have not yet been disclosed.

Among the items taken, at least one display case contained boxes of cologne.

This incident is part of a series of smash-and-grab robberies in the Los Angeles area, and Chief Moore stated, “We also believe this individual is responsible for a number of other similar type occasions of these smash-and-grab-type robberies.”

Since the inception of a multi-agency task force dedicated to combating retail theft just last month, there have been a total of twenty-one arrests, as reported by the police chief.

Overall, the LAPD has observed a reduction in violent crime throughout the year, according to Chief Moore.

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