Los Angeles Police Conduct a Raid on a Drug ‘Super Lab’ That Was Cleverly Disguised as a Pizzeria, Leading to a Headline Stating,

Last week, law enforcement officers in Los Angeles stumbled upon an intriguing find when they raided a drug laboratory cleverly disguised as a pizzeria.

According to FOX 11 Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) uncovered the lab in North Hollywood, specifically in the 7300 block of Radford Avenue. Interestingly, the lab was positioned adjacent to an animal hospital.

Authorities referred to the facility as a “super lab” dedicated to the production of illicit THC concentrate. On Friday, the LAPD shared images revealing large containers utilized for the creation of cannabis honey oil.

Los Angeles Police Conduct a Raid on a Drug Super Lab

Images show several food trays containing what appeared to be shatter, a glass-like THC concentrate. One LAPD officer posed while holding an empty cardboard pizza box that read “Hot & Fresh Pizza”.

“The LAPD expressed their amusement with a witty remark, stating that while secret ingredients are well-known, this particular case takes the cake! It appears that criminals are becoming increasingly imaginative with each passing day.”

“We are fully acquainted with these deceptive tactics, ranging from counterfeit vending machines to clever pizza-making schemes, as we tirelessly ensure the safety of our city through ingenious interventions,” stated the lighthearted message. “The notorious ‘pizza’ laboratory has been effectively put out of business, eliminating any further deliveries!”

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