Lucky Winner in Dallas: $17 Million Texas Lottery Jackpot Ticket Sold

DALLAS — A lucky individual in Dallas might find themselves $17 million wealthier, as the Texas Lottery announced on Thursday that a winning ticket was sold in the city for a draw held on Wednesday.

According to officials, the winning ticket was purchased at a 7-Eleven located at 7650 Campbell Road. This ticket successfully matched all six of the drawn numbers: 10, 14, 17, 31, 38, and 48.

The recipient of the ticket had opted for the cash value choice, leading to a payout of nearly $9.8 million prior to tax deductions.

Nevertheless, the prize remains unclaimed. The individual who holds the ticket has a 180-day window from the draw date to claim their winnings.

Gary Grief, the executive director of the Texas Lottery, stated, “We are excited to meet and congratulate the fourth Lotto Texas jackpot winner of 2023.

If you possess the winning ticket, we advise you to sign it, keep it in a secure place, seek guidance from financial and legal experts, and contact the Texas Lottery to arrange a prize claim appointment.”

In the same drawing, officials shared that 49,789 Texas Lotto tickets secured prizes ranging from $2 to $11,040.

Looking ahead, the jackpot for the upcoming Lotto Texas drawing on August 19 is projected to be approximately $5 million.

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