Man Assaults Pregnant Woman in San Diego, Investigation Reveals Startling Twist

SAN DIEGO — The San Diego Police are currently investigating an incident involving a man who claimed to be a victim of a hate crime but was caught on video assaulting a pregnant woman.

The incident took place on the 900 block of 6th Avenue at around 10:40 p.m. on June 12, prompting multiple calls to the police.

Upon receiving the calls, officers were promptly dispatched to the scene, but the suspect had already fled by the time they arrived.

The woman, who was pregnant, was found bleeding and injured and was immediately taken to the hospital for medical attention.

Later that night, around midnight, another report was made to the police, this time from a man who stated that he had been set on fire.

After further investigation, authorities determined that this man was the same suspect who had assaulted the pregnant woman earlier at the 900 block of 6th Avenue.

They also discovered that the burn injuries sustained by the man were caused by the pregnant woman.

Security footage has been located by detectives, which allegedly shows the initial physical assault by the man on the pregnant woman, as well as the subsequent use of fire as a weapon by the woman.

Given the complexity of the case, investigators are examining all aspects and allegations. The San Diego Police Department considers all acts of violence with utmost seriousness and acknowledges the community’s interest in this case.

They are striving to balance transparency with the need to protect ongoing criminal investigations.

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