Man Shot by San Francisco Police: Body Cam Video Sheds Light on the Incident

San Francisco law enforcement has made public the body camera footage capturing the recent fatal encounter between officers and a man reportedly armed with a knife.

The incident occurred on August 28, when Richard Everett, aged 54, was shot multiple times by police.

The confrontation unfolded in the Tenderloin district after Everett ignored repeated commands from the officers to drop the 8-inch knife he was carrying, according to authorities.

In the released video, one officer can be heard saying, “Hey, sir, we’re not here to hurt you, but we’ve got to figure out what’s going on.”

As Everett continued to approach the officers with the knife in hand, they resorted to using their firearms.

Fortunately, Richard Everett survived the shooting but now faces several criminal charges as a result of the incident.

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