Man Shot Dead by Security Guard in Houston Gas Station Altercation

HOUSTON – Houston police have reported that a security guard fatally shot a man who allegedly aimed a gun at him. The incident occurred shortly before 12:30 a.m. on Sunday in the parking lot of a gas station located in the 15600 block of the Eastex Freeway. Upon arrival, authorities discovered a man with two gunshot wounds to the chest, and he was declared dead at the scene.

According to the police, the sequence of events began when a man and a woman pulled into the parking lot. The security guard noticed their vehicle lingering and asked the man to depart. Initially, the man agreed, but the situation escalated when both the man and the woman became verbally confrontational with the security guard.

Feeling the situation might escalate further, the security guard drew his handgun and held it by his side, once again requesting that they leave. However, the man proceeded to his vehicle, retrieved a handgun, and pointed it at the security guard. At this critical juncture, the security guard fired his weapon twice, striking the man in the chest.

The police reported that they were in the process of interviewing witnesses who supported the security guard’s account of the events. Additionally, they were examining surveillance footage. The woman involved in the incident remained at the scene and was taken into custody by the authorities.

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