Man Trapped for 5 Days in Southern California Ravine Shares Story

A man in Southern California, who spent five days trapped at the bottom of a ravine without food or water, is now sharing his story of rescue and his experiences during that challenging time.

Calvin Smith was returning home to Ridgecrest last week when his truck veered off a remote road and plummeted 100 feet down into a ravine in Kern County.

Describing the incident, the 68-year-old great-grandfather said, “As I was descending the hill, I missed my intended path entirely and came straight down.”

With severe injuries, Smith could only wait and maintain hope as the days went by.

He recounted, “At times, I’d think, ‘You might not survive this, you might not make it out of here.’ But then I’d tell myself, ‘No, you can’t give in. Keep holding on.'”

During this period, Smith’s worried family made desperate attempts to locate him.

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