Miami Beach Woman Arrested for Planning Robbery Against Former Roommates

Miami Beach, FL – A woman, along with two male accomplices, was arrested for allegedly planning a violent robbery targeting her former roommates and stealing items worth over $7,200.

Miami Beach police apprehended a woman on Thursday for her alleged role in organizing a robbery against her former roommates.

The incident involved two male accomplices who physically assaulted the victim, while she took off with belongings valued at more than $7,200.

The robbery occurred on November 25 in an apartment near the 1800 block of Collins Avenue. Police responded to a call reporting a home invasion robbery.

During the attack, the victims—a man and a woman—sustained injuries, with the woman bleeding from her forearm.

The suspects, identified as Hakima Cherier, Kevin Mbilu, and Alain Chelalalastra, entered the apartment through the front door while a locksmith was changing the locks.

As per the investigation, Mbilu and Chelalalastra launched a physical assault on the victims in the living room. Mbilu brandished a knife while Cherier searched through the victim’s bedroom.

Stolen items included an ASUS laptop, an Apple iPhone 13, an Apple iPhone SE, a Louis Vuitton purse, a Gucci handbag, and two Gucci belts.

Detectives later discovered that Cherier had been a former roommate who had already taken some of the female victim’s belongings a couple of days before the robbery.

The victims reported a history of altercations with Cherier during their time living together, resulting in multiple police interventions.

Cherier, Mbilu, and Chelalalastra are facing charges of armed home invasion and robbery with a deadly weapon.

While Chelalalastra confessed to the crime through a recorded video, Mbilu was taken into custody for an unrelated incident and subsequently interrogated.

On June 15, Cherier was arrested at her residence on Southwest 11th Street in Miami, following extensive efforts by the Miami Beach Police’s Robbery Unit to locate her.


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