Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Anaheim, California

Anaheim, California stands as a city with a population surpassing 350,000, nestled within Orange County. Renowned for its theme parks, sports teams, and cultural allure, the city, like any urban center, contends with its share of crime and violence.

Within Anaheim’s expanse, certain neighborhoods offer safety while others pose risks to both visitors and residents. Here, we outline the five most perilous neighborhoods in Anaheim, drawing upon crime statistics and assessments from various sources.

The Colony

Situated at the historic heart of downtown Anaheim, The Colony holds a legacy dating back to the city’s inception in 1857. Within its confines stand landmarks like the Anaheim Packing District, Center Street Promenade, and Anaheim Ice Rink.

However, it also ranks among the city’s most crime-afflicted zones, boasting a crime rate exceeding the national average by 28%. This neighborhood registers a violent crime rate 9% higher than the national benchmark, with an average of one crime transpiring every 12 minutes. Home to around 31,500 residents, The Colony presents a potential crime victimization rate of 1 in 9.

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Platinum Triangle

Emerging adjacent to Angel Stadium and the Honda Center, the Platinum Triangle embraces a mixed-use development featuring luxury apartments, condominiums, hotels, and offices. While it exudes entertainment, dining, and nightlife vibrancy, the area’s allure is juxtaposed by its darker aspects.

The Platinum Triangle boasts a violent crime rate exceeding the California average by 51%, accompanied by a property crime rate surpassing the state average by 59%. Hosting roughly 12,000 inhabitants, this neighborhood carries a likelihood of crime victimization as high as 1 in 10.

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Encompassing the eastern expanse of Anaheim and bordering Orange and Santa Ana, the Southeast neighborhood spans a sizable and diverse enclave. Amidst its landscape lie residential pockets, schools, parks, and shopping hubs.

Nevertheless, this area ranks among the city’s riskier sectors, with a crime rate surpassing the national norm by 18%. Its violent crime rate exceeds the national benchmark by 15%, manifesting as a crime event roughly every 14 minutes. Within the Southeast, a population of around 47,900 residents faces a potential crime victimization rate of 1 in 11.

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Flanking Buena Park and Cypress, the Southwest district stretches across the western reaches of Anaheim. It accommodates residences, educational institutions, green spaces, and commercial complexes. Comparable to its southeastern counterpart, Southwest registers as one of Anaheim’s more precarious domains, presenting a crime rate 17% above the national average.

Its violent crime rate surpasses the national benchmark by 14%, with an incident transpiring approximately every 15 minutes. Among a populace numbering about 112,600, the likelihood of falling victim to crime stands at 1 in 11.

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Extending across the northern edge of Anaheim and sharing borders with Fullerton and Placentia, the Northwest neighborhood encompasses residential areas, schools, parks, and commercial hubs. This sector also features on the list of risk-prone areas, showcasing a crime rate exceeding the national average by 11%.

The Northwest’s violent crime rate surpasses the national benchmark by 8%, indicating an average of one crime every 16 minutes. Hosting around 56,200 residents, the neighborhood carries a potential crime victimization rate of 1 in 12.

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These represent the five most precarious neighborhoods within Anaheim, California, as substantiated by available data. Nonetheless, crime can manifest anywhere and anytime, emphasizing the need for vigilance and situational awareness.

Whether dwelling or visiting these areas, implementing measures like securing doors and windows, avoiding poorly lit or secluded spaces after dark, promptly notifying authorities of any suspicious activity, and potentially installing home security systems all contribute to enhanced personal safety.

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