Mother Arrested After Allegedly Shooting Daughter at Campo Indian Reservation

On the morning of Friday, a mother was apprehended at the Campo Indian Reservation following an altercation with her daughter, during which she allegedly shot her.

The incident occurred at their residence on Church Road around 10 a.m., as the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department reported.

According to deputies, the argument escalated, prompting the mother, identified as 42-year-old Andrea Najera, to seize a shotgun. In the process of trying to disarm her mother, the daughter, aged 22, was accidentally shot.

Subsequently, the daughter managed to walk to a nearby tribal fire station, where she informed the firefighters that her mother had shot her.

Medical personnel transported the victim to Golden Acorn Casino in Campo, where an air ambulance awaited to transport her to a hospital, as stated by Sheriff’s Lieutenant Ryan Wisniewski.

Meanwhile, deputies proceeded to the residence and apprehended Najera without any further complications, as mentioned in a press release by the SDSO.

She was then booked at the Las Colinas detention facility and is now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

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