NewsBreak’s Creator Program: How Much Can You Earn in 2023?

NewsBreak is an app that provides news and compensates certain content creators based on various criteria such as page views, engagement, and quality. However, the specific payment rates and structure may undergo changes over time as NewsBreak has made adjustments to its Creator Program since its launch in 2020.

According to an article by Hunter Cabot, a NewsBreak writer who claimed to have earned over $10,000 in his first month, the current method used by NewsBreak to determine the value of an article is known as “RPM” or revenue per thousand impressions.

This means that writers are paid based on the number of people who view their articles, not just those who read them. The RPM rate differs for each article and is influenced by factors such as topic, location, timeliness, and originality.

However, Cabot also advises that NewsBreak may alter its payment system again in the future, and writers should not rely solely on NewsBreak as their source of income. He suggests diversifying one’s portfolio and writing for other platforms as well.

According to Glassdoor, a website that provides salary information for various companies and positions, the average annual salary for NewsBreak employees is $88,000, based on 31 salaries reported across 20 job titles.

However, this data may not reflect the earnings of freelance writers who participate in the Creator Program, as they are not considered employees of NewsBreak.

Therefore, it is difficult to determine how much NewsBreak will pay in 2023, as it depends on several factors that may change over time.

The best way to find out is to apply for the Creator Program and discover firsthand how much you can earn from writing for NewsBreak. Additionally, you can explore other news apps that may offer similar or better opportunities for content creators.

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