No Injuries Reported: Collision During Compton Street Takeover

COMPTON, CA — In the city of Compton overnight, a multiple-vehicle traffic collision unfolded during an incident related to a street takeover.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department was alerted to the incident on Rosecrans Avenue and Broadway shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday.

Upon their arrival at the scene, firefighters noted that a street takeover event was in progress at the intersection.

Due to the ongoing takeover activity, firefighters were compelled to position themselves approximately one block away, patiently awaiting the departure of the vehicles involved in donut maneuvers.

It took approximately five minutes for the participating vehicles to disperse, allowing firefighters to finally assess the situation. They discovered a collision involving three vehicles, with one of them having been involved in a head-on crash.

Significantly, one of the vehicles had been vandalized with spray paint.

Firefighters immediately conducted assessments on two individuals at the scene. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, and no one required medical transport.

Regrettably, the other drivers involved in the collision had already left the scene.

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