One of the Most Unsightly Structures in the Whole of the Country is This California Restaurant

The travel website combed the nation in search of the most absurd and poorly planned buildings in each state, and they singled out one eyesore in Los Angeles as the state’s most unattractive construction. Read on to discover more.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on N Western Ave, which came in at number 20, has been dubbed the state’s ugliest structure. The article continues by saying that even if KFC restaurants are typically not situated in beautiful structures, this is excessive for fast chicken.

When building one of his KFC shops in 1989, franchisee Jack Wilke, who is located in Los Angeles, made the decision to try something fresh. He engaged Wilke, Elyse Grinstein, and Jeffrey Daniels of Grinstein + Daniels Architects because he wanted a distinctive design that pays homage to the Googie architecture of the 1950s, and the rest is history.

The company built a two-story fast food establishment that looks like a stack of blocks and is topped with a massive bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Large vertical steel fins are also present in the bucket section, and its back is opened by floor to ceiling glass windows that overlook a balcony on the second floor.

The restaurant’s interior is also peculiar. Customers must place their orders on the ground floor and then ascend to the second floor to use a dumbwaiter to get their food. Undoubtedly, this is a unique Kentucky Fried Chicken location in the nation.

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