Police Overtime Expenses Soar to $143,000 After San Francisco Skateboarding Festival

In July, San Francisco’s annual skateboarding event at Dolores Park led to the city’s police department incurring more than $143,000 in overtime expenses due to inadequate staffing levels.

This necessitated extra work hours from existing personnel to ensure safety. Additionally, the event caused approximately $70,000 worth of damage to city vehicles.

This occasion marked the most extensive police mobilization in its history, along with the largest mass apprehension, especially of teenagers, within the past six years.

A total of 117 individuals were arrested, with a majority being minors. The festival resulted in a cumulative of 1,221 overtime hours for the police force. Nevertheless, the police department stated that determining the exact overtime expenses related to this event would be a challenging task.

Following the revelation of these expenditures, critics expressed their dissatisfaction. Furthermore, a group of those who were arrested are contemplating a collective civil lawsuit against the city, potentially increasing the financial burden on the public.

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