Discover the 5 Poorest Neighborhoods in Pasco County, Florida

Pasco County, Florida, sits on the west-central coast of the state as a suburban community. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, it’s home to around 608,794 residents. The median household income in Pasco County is approximately $59,470, a bit below the state average of $59,227.

However, not all parts of the county share the same economic conditions. Some neighborhoods face higher poverty rates, unemployment, and lower educational attainment. In this article, we’ll explore the five poorest neighborhoods in Pasco County using data from the Census Reporter.

1. Lacoochee

Lacoochee, located in northeastern Pasco County near the borders of Hernando and Sumter counties, has a population of 1,714 people. It boasts the highest poverty rate in the county at 51.9%, over four times the national average. The median household income in Lacoochee is just $22,500, less than half of the county’s average and only a fraction of the state’s average.

Unemployment stands at 14.9%, well above the national average, and educational attainment is low, with only 58.7% of residents holding a high school diploma. Lacoochee faces challenges including crime, drug abuse, and inadequate infrastructure, but there are revitalization efforts like the Lacoochee Community Redevelopment Area Plan and the Lacoochee Boys & Girls Club.

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2. Tommytown

Tommytown, another CDP adjacent to Lacoochee in northeastern Pasco County, is home to 1,029 residents. It also grapples with significant poverty, with a rate of 48%, almost four times the national average. Median household income in Tommytown is $25,000, and unemployment stands at 13%.

Educational attainment is similarly low, with just 49.7% holding high school diplomas. Like Lacoochee, Tommytown faces challenges, including crime and a lack of services, but initiatives like the Tommytown Neighborhood Revitalization Project and the Tommytown Community Center aim to make improvements.

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3. Dade City North

Dade City North, located in central Pasco County just north of the county seat, Dade City, is home to 3,142 residents. It experiences a 40% poverty rate, more than three times the national average. Median household income in Dade City North is $29,375, and unemployment stands at 11%.

Educational attainment is slightly better, with 67.8% holding high school diplomas. Dade City North is part of the Dade City urban cluster, known for its history, culture, and annual Kumquat Festival, but it faces economic challenges like low wages and high housing costs.

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4. Zephyrhills South

Zephyrhills South, in southeastern Pasco County, south of Zephyrhills, is home to 5,276 people. It experiences a poverty rate of 36.9%, almost three times the national average. Median household income in Zephyrhills South is $31,250, with an unemployment rate of 9.4%.

Educational attainment is higher, with 72.8% holding high school diplomas. The area is known for its natural springs and bottled water industry, but it also faces poverty, crime, and a lack of diversity.

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5. Holiday

Holiday, located in southwestern Pasco County near the border with Pinellas County, has a population of 21,904 residents. It experiences a 28.4% poverty rate, more than twice the national average. Median household income in Holiday is $35,833, with an unemployment rate of 8.6%.

Educational attainment is better, with 79.3% holding high school diplomas. Founded in 1963, Holiday was initially designed for retirees and vacationers. It has parks, beaches, and amenities, but still grapples with issues like poverty, crime, and drug abuse.

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In conclusion, Pasco County, Florida, offers a range of opportunities but also faces disparities in economic conditions across its neighborhoods. Addressing the challenges in these poorer areas through revitalization efforts and resource allocation can lead to a more prosperous and equitable county for all residents.

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