Rising Transaction-Related Shootings Prompt Investigations in Bexar County

SAN ANTONIO — Authorities in Bexar County are searching for suspects involved in three shooting incidents that occurred on Tuesday night within a short time frame. All three incidents involved young victims and are suspected to have started as transactions before escalating into violence. Tragically, two of these shootings resulted in fatalities.

Sheriff Javier Salazar addressed the media on Thursday afternoon to provide updates on the ongoing investigations. He emphasized that anyone with information relevant to these cases can contribute by providing tips to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO). Tips can be submitted by calling (210) 335-6000 or emailing bcsotips@bexar.org.

To enhance safety during transactions with unfamiliar individuals, the BCSO has established well-lit Safe Exchange Zones equipped with cameras. These zones are located at two substations: 6825 Cagnon Road and 8794 North Loop 1604 East. Sheriff Salazar encouraged community members to utilize these zones when engaging in legal transactions with strangers. The San Antonio Police Department also provides similar zones at its substations.

6700 Block of Montgomery Road

According to Sheriff Salazar, deputies responded to a reported shooting at 8:42 p.m. on Tuesday in the 6700 block of Montgomery Road. Upon arrival, they discovered two male victims aged 21 and 23 who had sustained gunshot wounds.

The sheriff stated that the shooting appeared to be the result of a drug deal gone awry, involving marijuana. He noted that many previous instances of drug deal-related shootings over the years have been associated with smaller quantities of marijuana. Sheriff Salazar emphasized that even deals involving relatively low-value drugs can turn violent unexpectedly.

While both victims are expected to recover, no suspects have been identified in this case.

U.S. 281 and Hume Road

While authorities were still at the aforementioned shooting location, Sheriff Salazar reported that another shooting incident occurred approximately 34 miles away.

At this scene, it is believed that a transaction involving a 2006 Dodge Charger led to gunfire, and the vehicle was subsequently taken by unidentified suspects. Witnesses informed the police that multiple suspects at the scene opened fire on a car occupied by two 19-year-old male victims.

Investigators suspect that this exchange was arranged through social media. One of the 19-year-old victims succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds, while a wounded 17-year-old boy, dropped off at a local hospital, was believed to be somehow involved. The surviving 19-year-old victim is expected to recover.

No suspects have been identified in this case. The Dodge Charger, with license plate number SJS6822, is thought to have been repainted black since the incident on Tuesday.

7500 Block of Paradise Road

Shortly after 11 p.m. on Tuesday, deputies responded to a third shooting incident on the northeast side. Residents of the Walzem Park mobile home community reported hearing gunshots near a damaged fence caused by a car.

According to Sheriff Salazar, a 17-year-old boy arrived at a local hospital around the same time with multiple gunshot wounds and tragically died shortly after. Investigators determined that the boy and a female were meeting an unfamiliar suspect at a restaurant to sell a gold chain.

At some point during the interaction, the unidentified suspect allegedly shot the boy. The female sped away in the car and eventually crashed into the fence at Walzem Park, leading to the reported damage.

No suspects have been identified in this case.

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