Riverside Street Infested with Accidents, Residents Demand Immediate Action!

Residents of Riverside are asking city officials for answers after they asked for changes to a street that is prone to accidents.

Over the years, there have been many accidents on the street in the middle of a neighborhood. In the most recent one, an 8-year-old boy died when a driver lost control of his car and hit another one head-on.

At Arlington and Stover Avenues in Riverside, there is a bend in the street. Some of the crashes, neighbors say, have caused damage to their properties.

At a community meeting at the La Sierra Senior Center at 6 p.m., residents will be able to share their worries with city leaders. The city has already said that it plans to put up a traffic light in October, but the people who live there want to see some kind of safety measure put in place sooner.

Isabel Cisneros, a close neighbor, says that her security cameras have caught a number of accidents on the bend, including one in which a truck driver lost control and crashed into her yard and home.

“If you look at all three of my videos, you’ll see that all the accidents happen on that hill,” Cisneros said. “Because the cars are going fast and don’t see the curve, so they go around it and lose control.”

The accident sites are close to three schools, which makes parents worried about picking up and leaving off their kids.

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