Santa Monica Beach Shooting: Two Girls Injured in Parking Lot Incident

Two girls were in the process of recovering after being injured in a shooting at a parking lot near a beach in Santa Monica.

The incident occurred on Friday night along Ocean Front Walk, located on the northern end of Santa Monica. The police had arrived at the scene in response to a large party.

According to Lt. Erika Aklufi, “As the officers were approaching, they heard multiple gunshots, and the group, including the shooter, dispersed.”

The victims, identified as a 14-year-old and a 17-year-old, sustained gunshot wounds to their lower legs. They were promptly taken to the hospital, and their conditions are expected to improve.

“The victims were unable to identify the person who fired the weapon or the direction in which they fled,” stated Lt. Aklufi.

The Santa Monica police appealed to anyone with information regarding the shooting to contact them at 310-458-8451 or 310-458-8427.

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