Shocking! Homeless Man Attacks Restaurant Owner Over Food Delay

Authorities say that a homeless man beat a restaurant owner in Berkeley over the weekend because the food that a customer bought for him was taking too long to make.

Berkeley cops said that a customer bought the man a burger after he asked people at Lama Beans to feed him and his pet rabbit.

The problem started at 6:40 p.m. on Saturday at the popular restaurant in Berkeley, which is at 1290 Sixth St. and Gilman Street.

Police say the man went inside while the food was still cooking and asked for it. It wasn’t ready, though.

The man then attacked the restaurant owner for no reason, according to the police. He repeatedly punched him in the face and cut him around his eye, which caused him to bleed.

A diner told The Berkeley Scanner that the attacker “used racist language” and “threatened to come back to the place of business and hurt them.” He also told them, “Go back to your country, this is my country.”

The man then ran away with his rabbits, but cops saw him jump a fence and run down an alley.

Officers then took him into custody without any trouble, and multiple witnesses said he was the attacker.

The man was named as Rafael Reyna, who is 32 years old. He was arrested on suspicion of felony battery that caused major bodily injury.

Police in Berkeley said that the diner owner was taken to the hospital and would likely need stitches.

A video of Reyna taking BART with what looked like several pet chickens went viral on Instagram earlier this month.

As of Monday, he was still being held at Santa Rita Jail. His bail was set at $50,000.

On Tuesday, Reyna will be charged at the Wiley Manuel Courthouse in Oakland.

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