Shocking Stabbing Incident Unfolds in Downtown Parking Lot!

On Saturday around 4 p.m., there was a stabbing on the upper level of the downtown Hermosa Beach parking lot. The Hermosa Beach Police, Los Angeles County Fire Fighters, and Lifeguards all went to the scene.

After that, fire and lifeguard rescuers helped a man in his 20s who had been stabbed in the stomach. The person was taken to Harbor General Medical Center for treatment.

A friend of the person who was stabbed said that the attack happened soon after the victim and he got back to their SUV after enjoying the victim’s birthday at a downtown bar. He said that two guys who had parked their Jeep on the top level of the parking structure had come up to them.

The friend said he is a school district lifeguard from San Francisco and asked that his name not be used. He said that the guys in the Jeep started an argument with him and his friend, which turned into pushing and shoving and tore his shirt.

The man who was stabbed then went with the two people who were suspected of stabbing him to a lower level of the parking garage, where he was stabbed. He then fell back up to the upper floor, where he and his friend had parked their car.

The victim’s friend said he didn’t know why the person who had been stabbed went with his attackers to the lower parking level.

After the victim was taken away and the first responders left, the two women who had been with the people who were accused of attacking her went back to her Jeep.

The woman started yelling at the friend of the person who got stabbed, saying that he and the person who got stabbed started the fight. One of the women said that she had video of the person who had been stabbed holding a stick.

The friend said that his friend did have a stick that could be folded up, but that the women’s friends had hit him with a mace.

While the friend waited for Triple AAA to answer his call, the two women left the upper floor without taking the Jeep. He couldn’t find his keys anywhere.

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