South Los Angeles Home Invasion: LAPD’s Swift Response and Shootout

The Los Angeles Police Department has released a compelling body camera video in the aftermath of a home invasion incident in South Los Angeles, which ultimately resulted in a police shooting.

On the 15th of September, officers swiftly responded to a distressing 911 call reporting that four individuals had forcibly entered an apartment and restrained a man within.

While two of the four suspects were promptly apprehended, a third individual, identified as Jeffrey Askew, made a daring attempt to evade the authorities.

The video footage documents Askew’s daring leap from the top of a building, landing on a walkway below, as the police closed in on him. In a tense moment, Askew reached for his waistband, prompting the officers to open fire. Askew was subsequently struck by gunfire and taken into custody, revealing that he had been holding a hammer rather than a firearm.

During the home invasion, the suspects had tied up the victim as they moved through the residence. The victim received medical treatment for injuries sustained from both the fall and the gunshots.

The fourth suspect was later apprehended after he attempted to change his clothing and flee the area. All suspects involved in the incident were subsequently charged with multiple offenses, including robbery and residential burglary.

Notably, there were no reported injuries among the officers or other members of the community throughout the course of these events.

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