Update on August 2023 Stimulus Check: Those Eligible in One State

As 2023 progresses into its second half, direct payments have become a rarity. Nonetheless, certain Americans may still have the prospect of receiving supplementary funds later in the year.

Over a year has elapsed since the federal government issued stimulus payments to aid those grappling with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and soaring inflation. Since then, taxpayers have relied on state-initiated channels to disburse government-issued funds, including rebates, loans, tax refunds, and one-time payments.

During this summer, several states, such as Alaska, California, Georgia, Maine, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Pennsylvania, have distributed payments to their residents. However, as August arrives, with most checks already dispatched, only one state remains with funds to be returned to its citizens.

Earlier this year, Montana’s state Legislature allocated $899 million for income and property tax rebates during its legislative session. While the state’s income rebates have presumably been disbursed, Montana is yet to distribute the $280 million earmarked for homeowners.

Property owners in Montana can claim up to $675 annually for their 2022 and 2023 property taxes on their primary residence. A primary residence is defined as a dwelling owned and inhabited for at least seven consecutive months. Even those who relocated during either year can still claim the rebate if they meet the seven-month requirement.

Homeowners seeking the property tax rebate must apply through the Montana Department of Revenue’s online TransAction Portal or via mail. The application period for the 2022 tax rebate will commence on August 15, 2023, and claims must be filed by October 1, 2023. Additionally, separate claims are required for the 2023 rebate during the 2024 calendar year.

The Montana Department of Revenue website mentions, “You may receive two mailings about the 2022 rebates, in June and August.” In June, taxpayers who owned residential property during tax year 2022 will receive a postcard regarding the 2022 rebate. In August, the taxpayers will receive a notice with eligibility information and instructions on how to claim the rebate.

The Internal Service Revenue (IRS) has issued a warning to Americans, cautioning them against falling victim to stimulus check scams that falsely claim the federal government is initiating another round of direct payments.

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel expressed concern about the surge of such summer scams, stating, “People are being inundated with these email and text messages, but we want them to steer clear of these malicious scams.”

Should taxpayers receive messages purporting to be from the IRS and soliciting sensitive information, they are advised against responding, opening attachments, or clicking on links. Instead, they should forward or screenshot the message to [email protected] and delete it. Additionally, taxpayers can report scams to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration or the Internet Crime Complaint Center.


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