This City in California Was Named One of the Ugliest in the Whole Country

There are some really beautiful places in California, with beautiful architecture and beautiful views of nature. However, we’re not going to talk about those places in this piece.

Instead, we’re going to look at something completely different: the state’s ugliest city.

Travel.Alot.Com wrote a story that said one city in California is one of the ugliest in the whole country.

The travel site has looked all over the country for the most ugly places, whether they aren’t kept up or were just built badly.

So, which city in the Golden State is the most ugly? Travel A Lot says that is the city of Bakersfield, which is in central California about 100 miles north of Los Angeles along the Kern River.

Bakersfield, California is well-known for its important part in farming and making energy. Because of this, the city has a lot of problems when it comes to having a nice appearance. Bakersfield is one of the top oil-producing towns in the country, and the crude metal oil rigs in the city are proof of that.

People have made fun of the city for decades, especially since the rise of Reddit culture. One user on the site has a lot to say about the Kern County city, as the article points out:

“Every time I go to Bakersfield, California, I get a headache. It looks like this is not the place to be if you want to see beautiful sights. It might even be bad for your health.”

Bakersfield is still one of the biggest cities in California, whether you like it or not. How do you feel? Is Bakersfield the most unattractive city? Use the comments to tell us what you think.

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