This School has Been Named the Worst College in Delaware

Delaware, though small in size, is home to several colleges and universities, but their quality varies. According to a study conducted by, one of the lowest-ranked colleges in the United States can be found in Delaware – Wesley College, a private liberal arts institution in Dover, DE. Below, we’ll delve into why Wesley College holds this unfavorable distinction.

Low Graduation Rate:

A pivotal measure of a college’s quality is its graduation rate, signifying how many students successfully complete their degree programs within a reasonable timeframe. Wesley College’s graduation rate stands at a mere 31%, meaning only about one-third of its students graduate within six years.

This figure falls significantly below the national average of 62% for four-year colleges. A low graduation rate is indicative of student dissatisfaction, higher dropout rates, or transfers to other institutions.

High Tuition Costs:

The cost of tuition is another pivotal factor affecting a college’s reputation. It reflects the financial burden placed on students for their education. Wesley College maintains a steep tuition cost of $27,240 annually for full-time undergraduate students.

This exceeds the average tuition cost of $22,577 for private four-year colleges in the United States. High tuition costs often result in students accumulating more debt or relying heavily on financial aid to afford their education.

Low Return on Investment:

A college’s value is often determined by its return on investment (ROI), which measures the earnings of graduates in comparison to the expenses incurred during their education. Wesley College exhibits a discouraging ROI of -0.7%, indicating that attending this school results in a financial loss for students.

In contrast, the average ROI for private four-year colleges in the U.S. is 7.8%. A low ROI implies that students face challenges in securing well-paying jobs or repaying their student loans after graduation.

In Conclusion:

Based on a study by, Wesley College ranks among the least favorable colleges in America and holds the unfortunate title of the worst college in Delaware. The institution’s low graduation rate, high tuition costs, and poor return on investment collectively suggest that it fails to provide a quality education or a worthwhile investment for its students.

Those seeking a better college experience in Delaware might want to explore alternatives such as the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, or Delaware Technical and Community College.

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